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Thank you, dear Klash

Socotra is not only an island of unique nature but also a land of unique people's heritage. One of its amazing branches are those tales.
Is I have found out more than 30 years ago there were a great amount of various folk tales told that time by the different generations of Socotrans including little childrens. I had an opportunity to record only a fiew texts and text fragments in various Socotran dialects. Five of them I've translated - some with a help, some by my own - into Russian. However, as long as I wanted to publish these translations I"ve made not a word-for-word translation but a literary retelling for making those texts easy to understand and to feel thes for Russians. Then, I've made similar retelling in English (my special thanks for Mr. John Farrar who helped me to correct my English versions).
All my Russian retold tales of Socotra were published in a nomber of special newspapers and magazines for children in tens thousands of copies being illustrated by best artists. The English texts were placed in the Internet (on John Farrar's www.soqotra.com website). Some of them were translated into German by Mrs. Marieke Brandt and published in a magazine in Germany illustrated by my photos.
However, I still can not publish a book, this is an issue for a future.

You are very right: Socotran tales should be collected to at least a book of stories. Yes, they should - must! - be collected, recorded, transcribed, translated into Arabic and explained as good as possible. I'll try to do what I can. Some texts just was presented here, within my blog and < Soqotri Story Publishing House> in it - in Soqotri Arabic and English (Latin) transcription. My English narration of the Socotran "Mehazelo" story is very close to the Soqotri original - that is why I've posted it here. And I still hesitate to place the remaining narrations of mine of Socotran tales for not to make my texts to affect the originals or to be taken "as originals".

Raelly, the mission of collecting Socotran tales, legends and stories is linked with Socotrans first of all, as I've already written in Tayf, No 2 in 2004.

In the same time, it is very strange for me that less than half a dozen of foreign researchers are working with Soqotri from time to time and hardly any one - with the folklore heritage in Soqotri. Despite of the
the rarity and special scientific value of this intallectual heritage of the people who are livimg on Socotra from at least 5.000 years till mow and in very isolated conditions.

Thank you for raising this important issue


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AL-HAJES, thank you very much for this beautiful second part of Mehazelo tale which was unknown to me.
In my tape-recording there is another tale recorded after Mehazelo - the tale of Shams-wa-Qamar, but I stil dom't have any approach to it.
Your text is very interesting, and I hope if it could be recorded in Soqotri (in MP3 or as a transcription) it will be great.

As for the text, who is this "old women with her dauther"? Because they are not mentioned in the "Sharqiyya" version of Mehazelo, retold by my.
Also, is the fish that saved Mahazelo - S`eysino fish?
Did the fish ore any one els bring Mehazelo to the house of the fisherman and his wife where she lived befor being married?
Why " the family of fisherman changed and became better" ? Because they saw that she could change the weather?
But how did she got this unusual ability?
What is the story of the magic oil? Is this an oil from a plant, or an animal, or fish? Who and how is providing this oil with magic power?
I think such details are there in the story .

The more old details will be saved the better it will be. As I know, the tales of Socotra are very rich with such detailes as well with some little poetry pieces in every part of them.

Thank you one more time and would be glad to hear from you

tod aag dgadah

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thank you tad aag Dgaadah, thank u for your positive feedback and thank you that you have addressed all such questions. Yes, all the answers will be in the tale itself and 'm sure if u heared in socotri, u will find all the answers with the small poetry peices of songs. i couldn't address them in a proper way cause of my english but the original version in socotri are very rich in details. however, i could record to you the tale but i'm far from socotra now, i hope i could do it in a very near fututre and i'm sure it will be an additions
thank u that u remind my mind with S'eysino...oh S'eysino
Yes, it is S'eysin who bring the girl in the Ocean to the boat of fisherman
finally, thank u very much for this valuable discussion, and it would be much better if we could record the story then we could discuss about it with much more details
Best regards

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AL-HAJES, thank you! This tale when recorded in its complete version will be a significant contribution to the heritage conservation. The origin of a storyteller is also important - to understand from what area he or she is come from and what dialect of Soqotri speaks.
On the other hand, I'm there is not one but several versions of Mehazelo tale on Socotra - and each one has the right to exist and to be saved. The version which I have retold is from Qarya. May be, there were other versions in other places and locations.
Another important thing: the situation with tale collecting in Socotra looks better till now than it was when the Brothers Grimm had been collecting German folk tales some 200 years ago:


I think, there are much more storytellers in Socotra and they still know many more subjects and ditales with beautiful language formulas and poetry pieces.

And, I know that "s`eysan" are very popular fish but what is their name in Arabic? And how do it look out?
I remember, it was like that -

but, may be, I'm wrong.

Thank you and my best regards,
tad aag dgadah

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thank you dear very much

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once more again , thank you very much


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